'WiSeNet' is our wireless sensor networking platform for industrial control, automation and sensor data logging systems. It's a complete Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) platform. WiSeNet provides solutions for organizations looking for sensor data aggregation for data analysis and automating processes. WiSeNet accelerates your business like never before.


  • Results in saving time,cost and manual labour
  • Converts data into useful intelligence thereby facilitating optimization.
  • Reduction in Energy consumption
  • Easy to deploy and manage applications.
  • Easy to maintain and scale.



Wisenet is a low power 6LowPAN based IPv6 networking system. Each node(device) is individually addressable and unique IPv6 address. WiSeNet comprises of:
  • Wireless Nodes Connected to Devices(Things) in Field
  • Control System
  • Software for Control System
  • Software for IPv6 Mesh Networking

Control and Automation

WiSeNet provides breakthrough PLC specification interface. It facilitates automation logic to be specified transparently to the industrial domain and it's end application.

Sensors, Actuators & Data Logging

WiSeNet wireless nodes have various analog & digital peripheral interfaces to talk to digital sensors, actuators, and analog transducers. Our wireless nodes have multiple ADC channels for data logging applications

Power Failure Tolerant

WiSeNet is designed with most unreliable power supply conditions in mind. We are proud of the result. Synchronization, and logic gating provides a safe, reliable and predictable execution of automation logic at all times. WiSeNet came out with flying colors in the tests conducted in most challenging power conditions of rural India.

Cloud Connectivity

We have cloud interface for remote monitoring and control capability from anywhere and any device. Our WiSeNet is fully functional with or without cloud/internet access.

Modularity & Extendability

WiSeNet's application layer is seamlessly extendable to additional modules at any stage of deployment, even after post deployment. Many of our different solutions can be clubbed together into a single installation.


WiSeNet is an end-to-end secure platform. WiSeNet's wireless communication and cloud communication uses industry proven security protocols for information exchange.

User Interface

Nothing make sense until and unless you interact with it.Designing User Interface for internet of things can be tricky and tough but WiSeNet provides the best UI you have ever experienced and it is very easy to use.


WiSeNet is fully equipped with tools to develop IoT solutions. With WiSeNet platform it is very easy to develop, deploy and manage IoT applications.


Aquawise is an electronic system built over our wireless platform WiSeNet.It completely automates water pumping and distribution.Aquawise comprises of
  • Level Sensors
  • Electric Butterfly Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Single Phase and Three Phase Motor Interfaces.
  • Communication devices and web interface.
Aquawise facilitates automation ranging from total autonomous operation to fully manual remote control capability. This solution is directly applicable to all liquids and gases control.
Aquawise on-site
Press coverage for "Aquawise:Complete water management"

Electrical Utility Automation

We have a solution for managing various electrical utilities. We have devices to interact HVAC systems, motors, consumer utilities. Together with water management solution, we have complete large facility management solution. HVAC Solution

HVAC Solution

We have a set of sensors and actuators for managing large industrical HVAC faclities. We take feedback from our sensor devices and control actuators depending on the user's requirements.

Industrial Control

We have low power data logging solution. Our wireless devices have interfaces to connect to various temperature, humidity, proximity, vibration, and pressure sensors. Our platform is applicable to all non real-time and soft real-time control systems.


  • Our Customers

    Gurajada Educational Society Vignan University Andhra University
  • 2013-2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We are fascinated by the field of automation and Internet of Things over low power radio. This fascination led us to start our company named Visual Sensing and Automation.
  • December 2013

    A Startup is Born

    In 2013 we started our company. We spent next one and half years on developing our WiSeNet platform. We had many rest less nights. We enjoyed a lot while burning our midnight oil on the work which we like the most.
  • August 2015

    Transition to Full Service

    Once we thought that our platform is ready we started looking for applications. We chose water management,facility management,HVAC management, and industrial automation. We started providing services to several organizations in those areas.
  • January 2016

    Phase Two Expansion

    Now we are trying to collaborate with industry leaders in various verticals. We provide IoT solution to their machines and systems. If you are a machine manufacturer and looking for adding that one last killer feature to your portfolio, then drop us a word. We are all ears.
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